The road to a sustainable and competitive future.

The Centre for Chemical Substitution is the guide for Swedish companies in identifying unnecessary hazardous substances and finding better alternatives in everything from products to processes. We collect and disseminate knowledge through advice, support materials, training and the sharing of expertise. The Centre focuses in particular on consumer products and small and medium-sized companies. The goal is to help companies start methodical and systematic efforts to replace hazardous chemicals with better alternatives.

Turning stricter requirements into increased competitiveness.

The spread of hazardous substances needs to be prevented and reduced. By replacing unnecessary hazardous substances, Swedish companies can turn stricter requirements into increased competitiveness, both nationally and internationally.

We guide you in the substitution process.

The Centre for Chemical Substitution guides Swedish companies in identifying hazardous substances and finding better alternatives. As an independent knowledge partner, we support the private and public sectors with advice, training and communication.

Join us on the journey towards a non-toxic environment

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